MARQUIS is a factory blended mixture of polymer modified cement, quartz aggregates and various admixes specifically designed for the interior of swimming pools. Learn More 

MARQUIS pool finish provides:

  • untitled (5)Designer colors from Majestic Whites to Exotic Blues
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Durability for long term performance
  • Slip Resistant
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Ten Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Surface Preparation

All substrates must be free of dirt, grease, oil, dust, chalking or chipping paint or any foreign material that may prevent or inhibit proper bonding.

NOTE: Only the experienced applicator at pool side can make the decisions as to what surface preparation may be required.

1) On previously plastered pools it is necessary to grind around the tile, light niches, returns, etc., to allow for a smooth transition.

2) On previously painted pools, the surface must be sandblasted to remove the old paint completely.

3) Thoroughly wash surface with a TSP solution to remove body oils and suntan lotion. Acid wash with a 5Oi~O solution of muriatic acid and water; rinse with a neutralizing solution of baking soda and water and finally a rinse with clean water

4) An application of SUREBOND 80 is highly recommended on previously plastered surfaces as a bond or scratch coat to provide a uniform base for adhesion and even curing.


1) Use only potable water.

2) Uniformity from batch to batch is ensured by measuring water consistently from batch to batch and by mixing each batch the same amount of time.

3) Add only enough water to bring the material to a smooth lump-free consistency (approximately 2 to 2-1/2 gallons of water per bag).

4) Start the mixing process by adding

2/3 of the mixing water to the mixer. Add the appropriate amount of MARQUIS pool finish, then add the remaining 1 /3 water bringing the mixture to a workable consistency.

5) MARQUIS is a complete product and requires no other additives.

It is highly recommended that no CaCi (calcium chloride) be used to avoid any complications.

If you choose to use calcium chloride (CaC I), it must be used with caution as “more is NOT better. Follow these procedures.

ALWAYS pre-dissolve the CaCI and remove impurities by straining through cheesecloth. Remember, if you are using 77% CaCI, 23% is filler material that may or may not contain ingredients harmful to the finish product.

The range of CaCI is as follows:

77% purity: Maximum 1A lb. per bag of

MARQUIS. 94%-97% purity:

Maximum 1/3lb. per bag of MARQUIS.

NOTE: At the maximum addition rates, flash setting, trowel burning and other difficulties in both placing and finishing may occur.


1) After MARQUIS has been properly mixed, it may be trowel or spray applied over a dampened substrate. Recommended thickness is 3dB”.

2) Several trowel passes will be required to compact and level as MARQUIS pool finish “stiffens”.

DO NOT hard trowel the finish as it is not  necessary and will only create more work during the  finishing process.3) MARQUIS pool finishes are designed to be a  monolithic coating. Sufficient personnel should be  employed to eliminate cold joints. If the pool must be  completed in phases, pre-determined stopping points must  be used, such as tile lane markers, etc.4) Once the surface of the MARQUIS pool finish has set  hard enough to allow light foot traffic, remove the  “cream” or “fat” to expose the quartz  aggregate by water washing with a soft bristle broom or  soft sponge and water.The timing of the water wash can only be determined at  the job site taking into consideration the factors of  heat, humidity and substrate suction.5) After the finish has been water washed, the  applicator may elect to clean the “haze” off the  quartz by washing with a 50/50 solution of muriatic acid  and water.The experienced applicator will determine when an acid  wash is needed.6) It is acceptable to wait until the following day to  acid wash, but the finish must be water washed the same  day as application to ensure adequate quartz exposure.7) If the entire finishing process is completed in one  day, fill the pool immediately. If you elect to leave the  pool open until the next day to complete  and acid wash, fill the pool immediately upon completion  of the acid wash.