Pavers and Coping

Upgrade your deck with pavers for an elegant look that lasts! Pavers are a gorgeous choice that provides a durable surface for your deck or patio with low-maintenance! If you are looking to eliminate low spots in your deck that collects still water, this is the answer. Pavers can jump significantly in pricing compared to acrylic or painted decks, but have numerous up sides, other than the overall look and feel of a gorgeous patio you will be wanting to share. Our vendors supply a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to provide you with many options to personalize your deck and make it your own.


STJ2 We also provide customers a longer lasting seal by using polymeric sand to help avoid future issues with weeds, bugs, and even, grout joints washing out and dissipating. Polymeric sand bonds when wet giving pavers a grout-like joint that holds up unlike using standard white sand which, close to immediately begins to wash out and greatly reduces the overall look and feel of the deck. For best results and durability, we recommend sealing pavers with 2 coats of polyurethane sealant or at least, one thick sealing coat after polymeric sand has been applied to the pavers and given time to set and dry properly for sealing.

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