The Process

Where it starts…

BstartThe new owner of this waterfront pool, reminiscent of the black lagoon, wanted a fresh look. He decided on a white surface with blue highlights, replace the gray tiles with a new blue pattern, grind out the old inlet returns and replace with sparkling white fixtures, repair leaks around the skimmer basket and pool light, add a new spa and refinish the existing cool deck. To enjoy this new pool all year round, a Pro255oScroll Heat Pump and new Hayward DE filter system were included in the package.



The pool was first drained and the existing surface prepared by grinding down the old finish and patching any leaks. The tile was then undercut (if new tile is chosen, it is installed directly on top of your existing tile.) The old surface was acid washed, hand cleaned and a bonding agent was applied to make sure a perfect bonding surface was ready for the new finish. The photo above shows the new tile in place and the new spa added to the pool before the Marquis finish was applied.


The Marquis finish is slick and chalk-white when initially applied. To achieve the desired finish and color, the pool technicians hand wash and smooth the surface, first with a brush, then work the surface to a final finish with a sponge to expose the color chips and reach the desire texture. Not apparent in the beautiful Tampa sunshine, this pool is finished with a fine blue chip in the exposed quartz aggregate.

New bullnose tile has been added along the top edge of the pool, on the left, to compliment a new wooden deck. An acrylic finish will be applied to the existing cool deck on the other side of the pool when the pool work is completed.

BfinishThe finished pool and spa, another one of Tampa Pool Restorations’ projects of which we are very proud.

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