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From Mild to Wild – Find the perfect tile to express you in your pool.

From artistic mosaics to traditional patterns from a variety of manufacturers, we offer the finest in tiles, products and workmanship – the key to any quality installation.Fireglass-Glow-in-the-Dark

We can install a standard 6×6 tile, deco tile, mat tile of your liking, mosaic tile, glass tile, or one of hundreds of patterns available.  More exotic mosaic tiles are also available. There are endless modern tile patterns available. Choose a tile that expresses your individuality and personalizes your pool and patio or make your pool unique by choosing a blend of matching tile.

Tampa Pool Restorations specializes in custom tile work… Have an idea and need someone reliable to recreate your ideas? We are the ones for you! We will also let you know up front if your idea is good, executable, and durable. We strive for perfection and will provide the quality work you deserve!

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Find a particular tile you want elsewhere? Just provide us with a part number.

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*View the vendors site or visit the store for the most up-to-date, accurate tile selections available.

View each of our vendor’s sites listed below to compare tile options and choices. Normally, most tile suppliers will carry each tile and have a cross reference. Keep in mind, some tile selections, including deco tile and glass tile, may be considered an upgrade and will have a higher price than the standard tile choices.




NPT Tile




Master Tile





Luv Tile






daltile Tile






Noble Tile


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